Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Have you made a last minute decision to go out this weekend for Halloween but you don’t have time or you can’t think of a costume? We have put together 8 last minute Halloween costumes to give you something quick and easy to put together for the weekend ahead!
1. Take a Sharpie to a plain white t-shirt and you have an Error Costume.
2. Tourist – Add a bum bag to a pair of shorts with a belt!
3. Add white socks and sandals to number 2 for full effect!
4. Chip on Your Shoulder – simply staple a bag of Crisps onto the shoulder of your t-shirt!
5. 50 Shades of Grey – Pop into your local hardware store and pick up some grey colour cards, grab yourself any t-shirt and staple them on.
6. Throw onĀ  bra and fill it with spices! You have yourself a SPICE RACK!
7. Nudist on Strike – Go fully dressed like normal and just pretend your on strike for the night.
8. Grab a long sleeve black t-shirt along with a short sleeve white t-shirt, make some horizontal cuts in your white shirt to make it look like a skeleton. Pop it on over your black t-shirt and off you go!!