The Reg Goes Greener

The Reg Makes Changes to Help The Environment

We made some big changes at The Reg that have helped us to reduce our carbon footprint.


It’s been nearly 7 Months since we changed from plastic to bio-degradable straws here at The Reg.

Previously, plastic straws were available on every bar counter for customers to take as they please. Since June 2018, bio-degradable paper straws are now behind the counters and are available on request.

And wait for it…. since June 2018, we have gone through just under 20,000 straws! So that’s 20,000 plastic straws that we have saved being sent to dumps or ending up in the sea!

Glass Crusher and Baler

We also purchased a baler and glass crusher in Summer 2018.

Our glass crusher has allowed us to reduce our glass collections – Typically, glass collection is charged by the number of uplifts or bins to be collected but by compacting our glass means fewer bins are filled and thus fewer uplifts and trucks collecting the glass are required.

Our baler compresses recyclable waste into blocks for recycling, ensuring that usable materials don’t end up in local dumps, reduces pollution, and contributes to sustainable development.


We know that these changes are something small in the grand scheme of things, and there is always more that we can do – but we are very proud of the changes we have made.

Small changes to help our environment and we are very proud of ourselves, if we do say so ourselves!!