Top Do’s and Don’ts for Your Office Christmas Party


Christmas Parties are a fantastic way to let off some steam and let your hair down for all the hard work you have put in during the year. But we all know, you have to try and behave somewhat to save yourself being red-faced at tea break on Monday morning.

We’ve come up with a few top tips to ensure you enjoy your night to the max

1. Don’t talk work

Although it might be a work night out, try your best to chat and forget about your job as much as possible. Try and chat with someone you don’t work with directly with daily. You never know, you might find yourself a new work bestie

2. Don’t flirt with your boss

Just don’t do it – it can never end well

3. Do go to the party

Although some people might not want to socialise with people they work with daily, these events do only come once a year. Even if your not looking forward to it, it’s goof to make an effort to attend, even if it is only for a few hours.

4. Do Pace Yourself

Office parties can be quite a long night. Pace your drinking and leave the shots till later in the night

5. Try not Smooch Your Colleagues

Kissing your colleagues should be avoided. If you must, at least try not to do it in front of the Management of your workplace. It won’t be forgotten!!

6. Dress to Impress

This night is probably one of the only nights that you get to hang out with your work friends outside of work, so why not make an effort! Blowdry that hair, buy yourself a new top/shirt and make yourself feel good!

7. Don’t get into your car the next morning

If you have to be somewhere the next morning, remember you could have be ridiculously tired or too hungover to function. Please organise an alternative lift or pre-order a taxi, don’t take the chance.

8. Last but not least

Enjoy yourself!!!!

Merry Christmas from All The Staff at The Reg and we cannot wait to welcome you all to The Reg for dinner, lunch, drinks and any festive catch up’s you are planning on having this festive season.