Irelands Ancient Feast is finished for the Season.

The Reg’s resident historian and storyteller invites you to join him for dinner in the Reg where you will experience a journey through 1100 years of Waterford's history . Our Chefs have created a menu representative of Waterford’s unique past but chosen from the best local seafood, meats and local artisan producers.

The refurbished 1870’s SUAS Restaurant provides the perfect location to be informed and entertained by some of the famous events that have taken place over the last 1100 years all within 200 yards of the Reg . Surrounded by the adjacent Reginalds Tower Viking museum, Viking longboat, King of the Vikings audio visual experience and the Giant “Dragonslayer” Viking sword, the Reg is the perfect location to hear of the many invaders, mercenaries and merchants who have come to Waterford to conquer but who ended up becoming more irish than the Irish themselves.
Indeed , our storyteller, a former master Waterford Crystal craftsman will insist that you toast “slainte” or good health to these many rakes and ruffians in true Waterford style – in a genuine Waterford Glass.
Irelands Ancient Feast is finished for the season