The Reg, The Heart of The Viking Triangle

Located in the heart of The Viking Triangle, we are lucky to be surrounded by the history and stories of 1100 of Irelands Oldest City. Some of the many local attractions on our doorstep include Reginald’s Tower, King of The Vikings, House of Waterford Crystal, The Viking Medieval Museum, Viking Longboat and the Giant ‘Dragonslayer’ Viking Sword. The Reg is the central location to the many invaders, mercenaries and merchants who have come to Waterford to conquer but ended up being more Irish than the Irish themselves.
The Reg, with its many nooks and crannies, has been built around the 900-year-old city wall which runs through the spine of The Reg and houses its ‘Strongbow Room’ a space dedicated to the marriage of Strongbow and Aoife in 1170.

Reginald’s Tower

Reginald’s Tower is the first in a trinity of museums that make up Waterford Treasures Museums. This remarkable landmark 12th century building is the only monument in Ireland named in honour of a Viking. Situated directly in front of The Reg with a perfect view from our SUAS Rooftop Terrace.

On display is the full set of weapons from a Viking warrior, the only set to survive in Ireland. Also included is the famous 12th century gold and silver Waterford Kite Brooch the finest piece of 12th century secular metal work ever found in Ireland. An imaginative AV presentation on the top floor tells the 1100-year-old story of the tower from 914 to 2014.

King of the Vikings

The King of the Vikings is the first of its kind in the world. This VR Viking adventure takes place in a reconstructed Viking house and seamlessly blends cutting edge technology with ancient Viking house building techniques.

Each experience lasts 30 minutes and since there are only spaces for 8 people, booking is highly recommended.

House of Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal has moved to a magnificent new home in the heart of Waterford City. A unique highlight of a visit is the factory tour which gives an up-close insight into the centuries old tradition of Waterford Crystal making. Feel the heat of the furnace and marvel at the skills of our craftsmen.

The factory tour includes the following traditional production areas; wooden mould making, crystal blowing and furnace, crystal cutting and quality inspection and finishing along with crystal sculpting, engraving and design inspiration. After the tour indulge your passion for the world’s most famous crystal in the lavish retail store.

The Viking Medieval Museum

The magnificent curved façade of the warm butter-coloured stone building draws in the visitor.  The eye-catching giant sculpture on the gable was inspired by a tiny 13th century belt mount found in Waterford.

It is Ireland’s only purpose-built medieval museum and the only building on the island to incorporate two medieval chambers, the 13th century Choristers’ Hall and the 15th century Mayor’s Wine Vault.

Viking Longboat

A replica of a Viking longboat, launched in Waterford city on the 25 Nov 2012, is modelled on one of the famous Viking ships found at Roskilde, in Denmark. The 33ft keel and planks of the longboat are of Irish oak, mostly sourced from a mill in Carlow, and the sailcloth is a canvas weave with polyester threaded through it. The Viking longboat is now located in the Viking Triangle resting alongside the Reginald’s Tower directly in front of The Reg.

Giant ‘Dragonslayer’ Viking Sword

The world’s longest wooden sword sculpture is now in place at its new home in the heart of the Viking Triangle in Waterford City located directly behind The Reg in the shadow of the 15th century French Church on Bailey’s New St.

The sculpture by John Hayes and James Doyle from Special Branch Carvings is 23 metres long.