Top Tips to Survive Graduation Day

It probably only seems like yesterday that you were arriving on your first day of college! And now you are graduating!!!

Here are some top tips that we have put together for you to think of on your Graduation Day

  1. Dress to Impress

Make sure to dress for the occasion, usually semi-formal! A shirt and tie for the boys and midi length dresses for the girls would be our advice!


We cannot express the importance of your shoes!

Make sure your shoes are clean (Give them a wipe to make sure there’s no dirt on them from the previous weekend out on the town!) Believe us, the audience is looking at your shoes because the gown covers whatever outfit you have chosen when you walk across the stage.

  1. Wear comfy shoes

Shoes again, but yes! Make sure you have broken in your shoes, wear them around the house for a few days with thick socks if needs be. You do not want to be remembered for falling across the stage because you couldn’t walk in them! You will also be wearing them for HOURS!

  1. Lads, Iron those shirts!! – need we say more

  2. The Graduation Cap

If you get the chance to try on your cap or collect it the day before, take that opportunity as it will allow you to see what suits you best! Also, bring hair clips to keep it in place, you will thank us later.

  1. Arrive early

When you arrive, remember you must park, pick up your gown, find your class, queue up, get in photos and generally enjoy it! No point in being last minute and stressing yourself out!

  1. Take ALL of the photos!

Like them or not, you will look back in years to come and remember that day

  1. Take time to thank those who got your there

Yes, it is your day and of course it is all about you, but don’t forget to give a thank you to those who supported you throughout your years in college, those endless assignments and stress! Without them, it could have been a different college experience!

  1. Enjoy the night out!

Make the most of your night as your college friends will soon be scattered around the globe and it is so hard to get everyone back together again!

Graduation is a huge accomplishment! Enjoy every minute of the day. You deserve it!!


The Reg Team x